Landscapes that mainly explore a mysterious, ancient and welcoming territory of Central Italy, Northern Latium, Southern Tuscany and Western Umbria, known since Roman times as Tuscia.

Bolsena willow

  Weeping willow in spring.

Val D’Orcia

  This is one of the most photographed clump of trees in the world....

February dike dawn

    Winter dawn breaks through Lombardy poplars at Poggio...

Umbrella Pines

  Umbrella pines on the coast near Populonia, Elba lies beyond the...



Marian tree

  A shrine dedicated to The Virgin surrounded by the branches of a...

Domburg Beach

  Winter beach at Domburg, Walcheren Island, in Zeeland, the...

Domburg beach

  Domburg, Walcheren Island in Holland in winter.

Tuscan coast

  Etruscan Coast on the border between Tuscany and Latium with...

Castel Gandolfo in the fog

  Castel Gandolfo in The Alban Hills just outside Rome. This is a...

Winter in St. Mark’s, Venice

  Gondolas in winter covers at Piazza San Marco. San Giorgio is...

Jewish Cemetery in Pitigliano

  Unusually for a Jewish cemetery, Pitigliano in southern Tuscany,...

Orvieto Umbria Fog

  Orvieto Umbria fog.

Orvieto Umbria Dawn

  Orvieto was painted by Turner and sketched by him many times. It...

Orvieto Trinità

  Orvieto Trinità.

Orvieto December Dusk

  Winter sunset in Umbria.


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